Questions & Answers PH9 Generator

Q: My bottle leaks, what can I do?


Make sure you screw the lid on tightly . The mark on the lid should be above the letter H on the bottle. See the illustration below. Don’t put the bottle in your bag where it can turn upside down. This is a shaker bottle, the top lid opens easily.

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Q: The logo is fading from my bottle, is there something wrong with it?

A: No, this is actually normal. The PH9 Generator functions a little like your skin, sweating out impurities thus causing the logo to fade.


Q: “I think the water smells like plastic after I have had water in it over night”

A: The water will taste different, but not plastic! The bottle is completely organic. Many people are not used to the new water structure often described as  “wetter” and “softer”. The release of minerals will altar the taste slightly but most find an improvement in the taste of the water having used the Generator.

If you really want to taste the difference of how the bottle refines liquid structure, try it with orange juice and compare the difference between the juice from it’s original packaging to the juice poured into the Generator. You will find that the taste is better and smoother.

Q: It feels like the bottle is not working as well any longer, is there something wrong with it?

A: After some time of use with tap water there can be some limescale that covers the material of the bottle, preventing full contact between the water and the material. To best clean the bottle and gain full effect again, use a little alcohol and brush around inside of the bottle. This should remove any limescale or other residue, bringing the bottle back to full effect.