PH9 Generator

Global BottleThe world’s first and only portable alkaline water generator without filters. A unique Swedish innovation in alkaline water!

PH9 Generator and PH9 Global Generator are Medically Approved in South Korea for the following health benefits:

  • A powerful antioxidant and eliminates free radicals
  • Alkaline water provides more energy by providing more oxygen
  • Increased metabolism
  • Efficient recovery after exercise
  • Breaks down water molecules into smaller clusters for better absorption
  • Contains and releases minerals such as calcium, magnesium and iron among others
  • Helps with digestion
  • Sterilizing effect on (tap) water
  • Positive effects on skin and diet
  • Balances the body’s acid / alkaline conditions caused by various factors such as diet

generator_box_medIn addition to water, you can also add your nutritional supplements in the PH9 Generator and experience an outstanding performance! People that have used it with their sport supplements tell us about great results in the gym and in high intensity training. Supplements will mix easily without lumps with no net needed! This is due to the finer micro clustered water that the PH9 Generator creates.


A demonstration of how pH level of water is raised with the PH9 Generator


PH9 Generator makes water very alkaline and ionized,  producing a powerful antioxidant that protects healthy cells before the free radicals start attacking. It keeps cells healthy for a longer time so we remain young and healthy with a finer complexion for a longer time. Since antioxidants already exist in the drinkable water, and that they are smaller in size, it means that they can reach out to your cells throughout the body more efficiently than any other antioxidant that is found in fruits, vegetables, or E and C vitamins in tablet form. Many people spend several hundreds of dollars on antioxidants that have no major impact, because they are not in an ionized bio-active form, necessary for the body to absorb quickly.


  1. Unstable Molecules or oxygen atoms steal Electrons from the cell’s Biomolecules and create free radicals, which attack the next cell through theirs.
  2. Alkaline ionized water is a powerful antioxidant with an abundance of Electrons that can be donated to oxidants before they attack the cell.


PH9 Generator provides better hydration, faster and a more efficient delivery of nutrients and a more efficient “detox” at the cellular level. The tissues are therefore simultaneously moisturised and the cells stay healthier, younger for a longer time, whilst efficiently repairing damaged cells.


PH9 Generator affects your health. Acid-base balance is an incredibly important factor that more and more can be read about in various health articles. This balance affects all functions in the body, including the transport of oxygen, energy production, immune system, nervous system, endocrine system, detoxification and stress level. Therefore most illness and disease will be negated by balancing the body’s pH. The blood in your body is most sensitive to its pH balance and needs to be maintained at a healthy level between 7.35 and 7.45. If the blood’s pH were to fall below 6.95 pH, the body would enter into a coma. The brain is therefore doing everything in its power not to let the level fall below the threshold, even if it means that the less vital organs are forced to compensate.

Water that is highly alkaline and ionized gives your body the support it needs to make it easier to restore the pH balance, neutralize acids produced by the metabolism e.g. after dinner, and from the cells, it relieves the struggle to maintain the blood pH level. Just one glass, is more efficient than all the basic vegetables you can take in during a meal. Water in its purest form doesn’t need to be degraded first and alkaline ionized water is absorbed into the body’s system and brain. An optimal pH balance keeps the body healthy, more resistant to diseases, infections, microorganisms and viruses. Microorganisms and viruses cannot grow in an alkaline environment.


Read more in our folder, instruction manual and official pH test results.

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